Ronin ProFade

139,00 VAT not included

The ONLY Hair Clipper with Blades for Fade

New ProFade Patented Blades

With the ProFade blades you can finally make perfect fade with a very clean cut and much faster, in addition, so easily that anyone could do it. They can be achieved in a single pass and without degraded steps of 0.5 mm to 6 mm, until reaching a fade of 2 to 7.2 mm (4 levels). Using the combs that are incorporated, the maximum fade height can be increased, reaching the desired one.

Innovative blades of Japanese steel/titanium and ceramic/carbon

The 2 ProFade blades are made of Japanese steel, which give more hardness and a more durable sharpening. The flat blade being the most used, has a titanium coating for less heating, greater cutting precision and a more durable edge. The mobile blades are made of carbon ceramic, which also allows for a longer life than conventional ones, a longer lasting edge and less heating.

High power silent engine with 5 speeds, constant control chip and tip load sensor

The new engine allows you to adjust the speed from 5,000 rpm to 7,000 rpm in order to select the most suitable. The tip load sensor is an advanced technology that detects hair density and achieves a constant speed, also warning if there is excess load to avoid overheating. The result is a clean cut, even with a lot of hair.

Battery of Li-ion of great capacity, durable and without effect memory

With the charge of 1 hour it offers a range of up to 90 minutes, reaching 240 minutes with the maximum charge of 3 hours.

It can also be used with the charger connected regardless of the battery charge. Being Li-on has no memory effect and can be connected to the charger at any time and thus prolonging the life of the battery.